A 2016 heart attack victim claims he went to hell. His View

Michigan priest Gerald Johnson had a heart attack in 2016. He claims his NDE took him to hell.

Johnson recently shared his terrible NDE on TikTok—far from the warm, bright-light epiphany you might expect from someone who temporarily journeys into the great beyond.

“I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy,” Johnson says in the viral video. I don't care. That's undeserved.”

Johnson claims that following his February 2016 heart attack, his spirit departed his body and entered hell through "the very center of the Earth." “The things I saw there are indescribable,” he tried.

Johnson's tale may seem unlikely. However, scientists claim bad NDEs do occur. Experts are unsure how or why.

Researchers, especially from the International Association for Near-Death Studies, believe NDEs are caused by a change in brain blood flow during sudden life-threatening events like heart attacks, physical trauma, or shock.

Brain electrical activity slows as blood and oxygen are lost. One specialist told Scientific American that local brain regions went offline one by one, like a town losing power one neighborhood at a time.

During an NDE, your mind works without its usual parameters. As hypothesized, the NDE leaves a real, sometimes traumatic memory.

Victims may not want to talk about that memory, but it could change their life.