According to astrologer, these are the zodiac signs that make the worst enemies


Aries and Cancer are ambitious, adventurous, and emotional. Though they show their emotions differently, these indications are quite sensitive.


Aries and Taurus make difficult buddies, but it's easy to see why they'd be attracted. Both signs are bossy and passionate.


Virgo and Gemini, ruled by Mercury, can't seem to get along. Virgo is smart yet quiet, while Gemini is witty and funny.


Cancer gets along with most signs, except Sagittarius. Cancer seeks a loyal friend, yet Sagittarius is infamous for roaming.


Leo and Pisces should get along but can't. Pisces' dreamy imagination can inspire Leo, but Leo's attention-seeking might make this friendship one-sided.


Astrologically, Virgo should avoid Aquarius. Virgos are patient planners. They take their time and meticulously pursue their dreams.


Scorpio is Libra's worst match. Though devoted, these indicators disagree on how to create trust. Scorpio's stern love contrasts with Libra's fairness.


Scorpio and Leo share the zodiac's most loyal traits. They're both passionate about their friendships, which explains their attraction, but that's it.


Taurus and Sagittarius have conflicting values, making them incompatible. However, Sagittarius and Taurus share a love of luxury.


Libra and Capricorn may struggle to form a new bond for several reasons. Capricorns prefer facts, while Libras are more open-minded.


Both Saturn-ruled signs are very distinct. Aquarius likes to rebel, while Capricorn likes structure.


Pisces and Gemini rarely agree as friends. Deep thinkers, both signs approach logic differently. Pisces make decisions intuitively.