Based on your zodiac sign, what kind of coffee would you like?


Aries, you never order the "regular" in coffee shops. Since your middle name is "Adventure," you're always eager to try the drink of the day or the barista's.


Taurus, you want a large black coffee, please. You're practical, and a good coffee always works. Taurus, you're also loyal. Even for coffee.


Gemini, you believe "variety is the spice of life," so your ideal coffee order is chai. Since you're the party's life, you want to spice things up.


A mocha gives the caring Cancer sign a warm hug. Isn't each creamy sip a wonderful embrace? Since you're constantly selfless, Cancer, it's a lovely change.


Leo, your espresso romano is bold. Espresso with sugar and lemon. It's a classy drink. You'll order anything, regardless of appearance. Leo's like that.


Virgo, you need caffeine quick. You're ordering a red eye—coffee with an espresso shot. This drink will make your Virgo brain buzz even more!


Libra, your ideal coffee is an iced caramel macchiato since you're charming. Sweet, creamy, and espresso-flavored, this drink is great.


Scorpios order nitro cold brews. Produced how? Why is it delicious? It's nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee.


Dessert with coffee? Sagittarius, please. An affogato—espresso over gelato—is what you're ordering.


Espresso, steamed milk, and lots of foam make the cappuccino. It's ideal for Capricorn because you always know how it'll taste.


Your umami matcha latte is because Aquarians love the unusual. Like you, it's unique on the menu.


Pisces, you're dreamy but not delusional. We think you'll love the lavender latte. This delightful, floral drink transports you to a lavender field picnic.