Exclusive: "John Wick 4's Final Scene Was Almost Obvious

It's not entirely clear how John Wick: Chapter 4 concludes. Warning: this contains a spoiler.

If taken at face value, it does seem as though the Keanu Reeves' character's seemingly unstoppable hitman,

who has at last earned his freedom, may be dead and buried. Or maybe he just wants everyone to think that,

and he 'killed' himself so he could finally live the quiet life he fought so hard for in the first place,

before all that business with the dog, and the car.and the marker, and being declared 'Excommunicado' by the High Table,

and... well, you get the idea. The box office suggests that John Wick will return,

but Stahelski and Reeves are undecided on the creative front. However,

a different epilogue for Chapter 4 that was filmed almost made Wick's demise very clear.