Fastest accountant Eugene Amo-Dadzie flies in World Championship 100m

After qualifying for the semi-finals of the 100 meters event at the World Athletics Championships and being the world's fastest person to crunch numbers,

Eugene Amo-Dadzie has vowed to disprove the stereotype that accountants are uninteresting.

Amo-Dadzie is a latecomer to the sport and has had to take annual leave from his job in order to compete.

He finished in second place in his heat, while Zharnel Hughes won his, and Reece Prescod, the third British competitor, also advanced to the semifinals.

Amo-Dadzie, who is now 31 years old, discovered for the first time that he was quick when he ran for the bus.

He has been inundated with letters of congratulations from his fellow accountants, but there have not been any offers of new jobs as of yet.

"I've had a lot of support from all of the different accountancy bodies," he remarked. " "They are all like, 'yo, you're putting accountants on the map.'"

We're not simply these dull, stiff squares who spend all day in the workplace tapping away on our keyboards.