Harry Styles allegedly bruised THIS person's ego

A person's ego has apparently been "bruised" by Harry Styles.The "As It Was" musician has moved on,

but it's unknown with whom because he no longer wants to pursue his relationship with ex-girlfriend Olivia Wilde.

Olivia is said to have maintained hope for their reunion after their two-year relationship ended in November 2022.

Harry and Olivia have recently been the topic of conversation because of reports that they will revive their romance.

The British boybander's t-shirt was worn by the actress-turned-director as an outward expression of her affections for him,

adding fuel to the flames.According to those close to them, Olivia is still heartbroken and experiencing ,

tremendous emotions as a result of their breakup.Harry's close friend claims that the musician is "frustrated" by Olivia,

who allegedly won't take no for an answer.He has "no interest in going back in time,"