How Each Zodiac Sign Views Money, according to Astrologers


"Take-charge Aries are great leaders who are fearless about asking for the pay they deserve," according to the AstroTwins.


"Sensual but sensible Tauruses are smart budgeteers and know how to live well without breaking the bank," the AstroTwins say.


Two-sided Geminis are sociable, smart, and fast-living, which can benefit them with money.


Cancers are compassionate and sensitive. Caring for yourself and loved ones financially is in their nature. Hello savings!


Leos adore parties and giving gifts. The AstroTwins say their ambitious ideas can cost so much they get locked in a feast or famine cycle.


"Sensible Virgos have an ethos of'simple elegance' and like to have a five-year plan," the AstroTwins said of money.


Libras' charm and popularity boost their earnings. Libras' scale symbol may help them balance their money.


Strategic Scorpios save to feel secure. The AstroTwins say trust difficulties can prevent them from making smart investments that would expand their money.


The AstroTwins say "lucky, entrepreneurial Sagittarians are great at attracting money" with their larger-than-life character.


Capricorns are responsible savers. The AstroTwins warn that status products can lead to too many bills.


"Aquarians are great at looking to the future to plan and invest in cutting-edge industries," say the AstroTwins. But with their active social lives.


Justin Bieber Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue Pisces are inventive and sensitive, but one part of them continually wants.