Kevin Costner and Wife Christine’s Divorce Gets Nasty

Cheating rumors and leaked divorce papers make Kevin Costner's divorce from Christine Baumgartner ugly.

Kevin Costner is a hothead. “There have been plenty of stories over the years about him losing his temper,” a source tells In Touch.

“No one who knows Kevin was really surprised to hear he blew up at someone” after his heated encounter with Daniel Starr, a tenant renting the guesthouse at his $145 million oceanfront mansion.

The purported quarrel motive is surprising. “Supposedly, they got into it over Daniel’s relationship with Kevin’s wife, Christine,” the insider claims of the meeting, which occurred just before Daniel left his lease in March.

After 18.5 years of marriage, Christine separated from Kevin on April 11 and filed for divorce two months later. “Kevin and Christine are fighting over his $400 million fortune, but now there are cheating rumors. The separation was bad—but it's worse than anyone knows.”

Daniel—what happened? The source adds the 42-year-old single parent, who paid $65,000 a month to remain at their guesthouse, was friendly with Kevin and Christine.

Daniel claims his friendship with the couple didn't break any lines. “I’m sure it’s a trying time for their family,” the software mogul tells In Touch. I wish Mr. Costner and his wife well. Peace to them.”

Reconciliation seems unlikely. “They are really lashing out at each other,” says the source.

Christine won't leave home. “Kevin says she must leave because of their prenup, while Christine says she can’t leave until certain financial needs are met.”