Oscar winner divorced after spouse 'grew close' with houseguest

A recent allegation alleges Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner threw out a houseguest who had "gotten close" to her before their divorce.

Daniel Starr, a software titan, denies any intimate relationship with the actor's wife.

Daniel informed TMZ on June 21 that he "absolutely" did not "hook up" with Christine as some have claimed. Daniel stated he tried "to be friendly to everybody" and had "a tenant-landlord relationship [with them], nothing else."

The Sun claimed earlier this week that Kevin and Christine told Daniel they wanted him out of their $60,000-plus-a-month seaside guesthouse in Carpinteria, California, after a heated argument.

After the altercation, the "Yellowstone" actor demanded Daniel leave.

Daniel loved the house. "It's right on the beach, and he wanted to feel settled with his 4-year-old son," a source told the British newspaper. He became close to Chris and Kevin after moving in. They socialized with their kids.

Kevin was always filming, leaving Chris lonely.Christine allegedly "hung out a lot" with Daniel and visited the guesthouse "almost daily."

According to the article, Christine and Daniel split and Kevin supported his ex-wife. "Daniel believed Kevin was a great dad. The informant claimed Kevin "hit the roof" and supported his wife. "Ultimately, he wasn't willing to hear Daniel out."