People Have Assumed a Lot, Says Jada Pinkett Smith (Exclusive)

According to Jada Pinkett Smith, her upcoming book and book tour is "an adventure,

a search for love and self-worth."Long before the rumors of her marriage to Will Smith and the 2022 Oscars,

according to Jada, she began writing her book with assistance from above in December 2021.

It resembled almost heavenly direction. she laughs. It was simply the notion of being prepared to accept ,

complete responsibility for my story, from beginning to end. doing it gracefully and lovingly.

For both myself and other people.Over the years, she received a lot of support for her memoir.

I was inspired to write a book by so many people, she says. "But I thought my journey was not one that was worthwhile.

But when I saw it written down, I was overcome with amazement and looked in the mirror. Such a life.