Sarah Snook is So Much More than a Successor

Before assuming her celebrated role in the HBO drama series Succession,

which has been regarded as one of the best of all time, Sarah Snook was not a household name,

in contrast to the other key stars of the show. Longtime character actor Brian Cox ,

even portrayed Hannibal Lector in Michael Mann's Manhunter before Anthony Hopkins.

In Joe Wright's Pride & Prejudice, Matthew Macfadyen played Mr. Darcy, Kieran Culkin was a star of independent films,

owing to 2002's Igby Goes Down, and although Jeremy Strong wasn't exactly a "movie star,"

he still had some impressive performances on his record, including Robot & Frank, Selma, The Big Short, and Lincoln.

But ever since she made her screen debut as Shiv Roy, Snook's fame has grown dramatically.