Breakups hurt. We've all stayed up late, cried into our pillows, binged, and spent days in our pajamas. Our connections are bad. Avoid heartache. Life shouldn't be random.

Dating with your heart and intelligence, including choosing zodiac signs who won't hurt you, may bring satisfaction and contentment. To avoid treachery, avoid these four zodiac signs.

Sagittarians don't mean to break hearts, but their acts do. They are adventurous and free-spirited.


Thus, a Sagi may shatter your heart by refusing to commit. Breakups are simple. Because it's an experience, they'd justify everything.

Geminis are strong-willed. They're sociable and quickly bored. They never like to be alone, therefore their indecisiveness may lead them to different relationships.


They're unattached. They'll lavish you with flowers, then ghost you.

Aquarians value independence. They're chill. Being flirtatious makes it hard to keep their hands and eyes to themselves in a relationship.


Though loyal, they might break a threshold and harm the relationship. They give and take space.

Pisces enjoy partnerships, yet they never reunite. Pisces may play the victim and blame you for taking them off.


They can turn chilly quickly. After blaming you, they'll use the breakup creatively.