Sagittarius doesn't spend solely when it's their money. Sagittarius cares less about money. They want their wishes met at any cost. Fortunately,

Libra invests quickly, unlike Venus-ruled Taurus. They don't purchase because they worry it will lose its attraction if they think about it too long.

Pisces like spending on others. Pisces, governed by Jupiter, the planet of growth, likewise seek significant experiences and use money to organize them.

Aries spend impulsively. They want what others have. FOMO makes Aries splurge. Aries confuse desires with necessities,

Leo enjoys buying food and gadgets. Lions are materialistic. They spend the most because they think more is better. Leos like to invest, not simply spend.

Sun-ruled Leos are good with money. Leo will save up for something huge yet spend it everything if they have to.

Geminis' savings stagnate due to their divided personalities. No one knows when these melancholy natives will spend on what.

Geminis are dualists who save for what matters most. When bored, Geminis shop for expensive, unnecessary items.