The Zodiac's Best Creative Outlet for You


“I belong to quick, futile moments of intense feeling,” Virginia Woolf wrote. I belong to moments. No one.” Aries-like speech.


Taureans love art since Venus rules them. Shakespeare, Charlotte Bronte, and Adele all share your sign. Listen to Stevie Wonder (another Taurus) even if you cry.


Cubism—especially Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, and Juan Gris—reflects your volatile, expressive, preoccupied character.


You probably rewatch movies, TV episodes, and books because you like knowing how they end. You also listen to tunes from a summer or play.


We Leos enjoy drama. We want art that bursts inside us. We want Mick Jagger writhing onstage and Ariana Grande hitting a new high note while precisely.


Virgos like realism. True crime shows like Making a Murderer and Catfish have become popular, but they were built for Virgos.


Libras could sit in a gallery full with Claude Monet's Water Lilies all day. Tender and easily moved, this sign is also grit and grace.


A conflicted, magnetic, eloquent Scorpio will likely admire charismatic, sharp-witted art. Vince Staples' rapping is intelligent and caustic.


According to Sagittarius Lewis Carroll and many lukewarm typographers, you can't go back to yesterday because you were a different person.


Capricorns like honesty and vagary in their art, from Anaïs Nin's exquisite, ethereal poetry to Arctic Monkey's Alex Turner's swaggering, starry-eyed crooning.


For those who remember the blogging boom: Aquarius personifies "Tumblr art hoe." (If you missed that line, you're  lucky.)


Dr. Seuss, the quintessential Pisces, said nonsense "wakes up the brain cells" and "fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living."