Tom Cruise shares the "weirdest" self-conspiracy theory

Operation: Impossible: Dead Tom Cruise was reportedly asked by Reckoning director ,

Chris McQuarrie what the "weirdest story" he had ever heard about himself was.

Due in part to his affiliations with the enigmatic and contentious Church of Scientology,

Cruise has become the target of several conspiracies over the years.

The craziest misconception Cruise, 61, told McQuarrie, 54, in an interview for ,

The Times about the action star was that personnel on site "were not allowed to look me in the eye."

I've been able to cut my way through all the odd mythology that surrounds him, said Simon Pegg,

Cruise's M:I co-star.On one side, he is Tom Cruise, the mysterious movie star who is the subject of much curiosity.