What Your Zodiac Sign Can Teach You About Remodeling Your Life


Aries loves to win, and sometimes being number one is just a distraction from the terror of being number zero.


Bulls, more is better. Though calm, you crave meaningful indulgences. Cozy sweaters, late mornings, dessert after brunch, etc.


Geminis need companionship. You're the zodiac's communication hubs. But that two-way exchange can frequently indicate an anxiety or notion.


You're right to stay back—the world is scary. It's great and all we have. Cancers are the most feared sign, and your origin story involves childhood tragedy.


Leos are confident! Healthy egos radiate grace, generosity, and beauty. Overcompensating may mask the sense that you are unlovable.


Virgos are considered as selfless and submissive, thus your strength and intransigence are often overlooked.


Librans struggle with externalizing affirmation. As a second-person sign, you love working with people. Your strength makes you fun to work with.


Scorpios' strength and vulnerability make them fascinating. Because you forget nothing, it takes you longer to get over injuries and slights.


Sagittarius, keep chatting. Many conversations depend on your Scheherazadean discourse. That present wasn't found accidentally.


Capricorn is a mommy and daddy, leading when needed, counseling when uncertain, and offering stability.


Aquarians love black-and-white thinking, despite their intelligence. It simplifies the world by reducing every option to one test, making it appealing when applied.


Pisces love martyrdom, and if you know where to search, there are plenty of takers. You're right—many nice things require a lot in return.